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"Outstanding. I can't imagine how much research was done to synthesize the essence of the story into the characters' monologues. Thank you for making history come alive. The presentations were so engaging!"

Fran P. - participant, Beth Tfiloh Adult Education Program, Baltimore, MD

"In today's world, with the time constraints and increasingly shorter attention spans that people have, it is difficult for rabbis and educators to connect in a meaningful way with their constituents. Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz has a unique gift that allows him to present Biblical, philosophical, and historical topics to Jewish audiences in a way that is engaging, educational, and enjoyable. We had the pleasure of seeing Rabbi Horwitz's presentations in our community in Stamford over Shavuot, and he was truly riveting. I hope others will get the opportunity to experience Rabbi Horwitz, and the very special way that he is able to explain important Jewish concepts to his audience.”

Michael Feldstein, member, Young Israel of Stamford


"It was an intellectual opportunity to learn about history in a very interesting and enjoyable way."

Adrian D. - participant, Beth Tfiloh Adult Education Program, Baltimore, MD


"Shlomo Horwitz is like a camera that rapidly takes pictures, assembles them in a logical sequence, and in the end, produces a riveting story.  At Baltimore's Congregation Shomrei Emunah, Shlomo's own shul, he vividly brought to life the story of "A Paratrooper in Jerusalem".  The audience of more than 200 from a cross section of Baltimore Jewry witnessed a most professional presentation.  As a result of Shlomo's extensive research, his many interviews, and his dramatic flair, we all felt as if we were in Jerusalem as the Old City was liberated in June 1967."

Mike Lowenstein, member, Shomrei Emunah of Baltimore, MD


"We recently had Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz as Scholar in Residence for a Shabbos at the Young Israel of West Hempstead. It was very well received by all segments of our congregation. We have a very diverse hashkafic spectrum and I think Rabbi Horwitz appealed to everyone...he gave the main drasha on a parsha-centric theme. Many members came over to me afterwards to say how they really enjoyed the drasha and the takeaway lessons. It seemed as though, with his very animated presentation style, the entire kehilla was mesmerized.

There was a talk before mincha, in the main shul, entitled “Raid on the Sun” – absolutely fantastic. This drasha dealt with aspects of the Israeli attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor and how, if one looked closely, they could see the Yad Hashem in so many ways. Again, I think that everyone was amazed that something they thought they already knew could be re-explored in a totally different light..an amazing, transformative experience for the entire shul."

Dr. Ari Gross, member, Young Israel of West Hempstead, NY



College Students:

The following feedback is from various Maimonides/Meor students at University of MD, College Park, MD for the Holy Ghost anti-missionary program:

-I was really captivated from the presentation and the entire performance.

-I LOVED IT! I was so into it. It scared me half to death. It was all about the importance of keeping the Jewish culture alive.

-I did not know that much about Jews for Jesus so his presentation was informative. I thought his acting bit was overwhelming and showed how convincing others' arguments can be.

-I took away that people can manipulate and twist words to get people to believe what they want. I didn't know a lot about Jews for Jesus before, and it was really interesting listening to the middle matzoh example of how they make people believe them by presenting lies as fact.

-Shlomo Horwitz's presentation was interesting to me because it discussed an aspect of Judaism that was vastly different from the usual topics covered in Maimonides. Shlomo Horwitz's acting presentation was engaging and seemingly realistic. I liked the way he put his audience in the scene.

-First of all, I think he had a very different approach and presentation than many of our other guest speakers. I really enjoyed his use of acting in his presentation. At one point it became so real that I forgot he was acting and started to question why the Rabbis had brought this guy to talk to us! He was so passionate about what he was speaking about even after he had gotten out of character and explained the tactics he used.

-I was able to enhance my knowledge of the Jews for Jesus movement, and I was able to form some opinions on it. From Mr. Horwitz's passion and performance, I was able to see faults and lies involved with the movement.

-Shlomo Horwitz's presentation was different and interesting. When he got into character as Rich Robinson, I thought to myself that if I was an uninformed Jew, his argument would sound extremely convincing. The fact that people can be manipulated into any belief so easily is terrifying, and I have to remind myself that I have the ability to choose my own path that best suits who I am.

-I learned from Shlomo Horwitz about Jews for Jesus and how when listening to people talk, you must watch for bias, and manipulation as is shown by the pamphlet he lectured about.

-I thought Mr. Horwitz's presentation was very good due to the fact that it addresses an issue that most Jews probably face, even though I am not one of them. Most Jews don't grow up in a huge Jewish community like I did and they need to know what to say to missionaries with regards to turning them away. If a Jew stands strong and lets a missionary know how he/she feels about their Judaism then the missionary most likely will not approach again, but if a Jew seems confused and uninformed he/she is a perfect target for the missionary to convert. By showing us the ways in which missionaries work and the strategy behind Jews for Jesus conversion tactics, Mr. Horwitz was able to not only bring out the flaws, but also showed us how to exploit them. Overall I enjoyed the presentation and am a bit excited for my next run-in with a missionary.

-Rabbi Horwitz's presentation allowed me to consider Judaism from a unique perspective. While I have never been approached by Jews for Jesus or other similar organizations, I was able to learn the tactics that make themselves so effective in gaining new members. Shlomo made a point to allow us to hear their initial pitches for conversions, followed by an in-depth look at their tactics. Oftentimes, these groups refuse to present the full story and leave out important facts. They attempt to make themselves seem like an expert and call other's knowledge into question.

-Shlomo’s presentation was definitely a change from previous speakers. It was very interesting to look around the room while he was acting as a Messianic Jew and see other student’s faces. Although we all knew that he was acting, his arguments for Jews for Jesus were disturbing because although we all knew that what he was saying was crazy, we are not armed with the know ledge to combat his claims. I am familiar with many stories in the Torah, but I do not know the details of these stories or specific wordings. As a result, a Messianic Jew can easily manipulate the text to convert a Jew who happens to be having doubts at the time.

-I thoroughly enjoyed his acting ability. There were times in the presentation that I forgot he was acting, which made the effect so much more realistic.

-As much as I have actually encountered missionaries in the past, it is still helpful to hear about their specific tactics…it taught me to not believe everything I hear (not that I didn't know that before, but it really helped to reinforce that point).

-I feel that was a very interesting presentation though and I now feel more equipped to deal with any situation like that, were it to arise in
the future.

-Although I had heard presentations about Jews for Jesus before in Hebrew school, Shlomo’s presentation was unique. Instead of just pointing out why Jews for Jesus are deceptive and flawed in their argument, he gave us tools to combat their “logic.”

-It's scary how the Jews for Jesus organization uses the texts, beliefs and traditions of the Jewish people and manages to turn them into something they aren't. I think Shlomo's presentation gave us all some reassurance in our beliefs and more importantly, he equipped us with the correct information to defend ourselves and clear up the factual errors.

-One important thing I took away from him was to pay attention to the details. The Jews for Jesus argument can be really convincing, but the material they use is out of context and not quoted in full. I also took away to really listen to what people are saying and not just their emotions. Jews for Jesus make you overlook their facts by their passion. You get so wrapped up in the emotion that you don't actually listen to w hat they're saying. All in all, the message is don’t believe everything you hear or just take it on the surface; dig deeper.

-I found Shlomo Horwitz's guest presentation very interesting. I never before realized what "Jews for Jesus" really was until I saw this presentation.

-Shlomo Horwitz's presentation was very impressive. I came in a bit late and did not realize his presentation was (mostly) an act, and if I was not already opposed to Jews for Jesus as it was, I would have found it very convincing. his presentation showed how Jews who are not as well informed as others, can easily be swept up by the word of others; depending on that person's charisma, attitude, etc.

-It was very powerful. It made me sad how many people choose to convert due to lies.


The following feedback is from various Maimonides/Meor students at University of MD, College Park, MD for the Raid on the Sun program, which utilizes the story of Israel's 1981 attack on the Iraqi reactor to illustrate G-d's Hand in the world:

-I thought his presentation was PHENOMENAL. Not only was his presentation creative, but the questions that the content raised were engaging and thought-provoking. Coming from a largely secular household, I would not call myself an atheist, but I am largely skeptical of the notions of God that people have created. If some higher power did exist, I doubt that humans would posses the cognitive skills to comprehend it. On top of that, it is often difficult to believe that any G-d would allow the Holocaust and other genocides to occur. That being said, Shlomo's presentation leads me to believe that there is something out there that creates order in the Universe. Statistically, I don't believe that there is any possibility that these events could have occurred randomly. I do believe that there was (and is) something out there that is on the side of the Jewish people. I don't think it is a coincidence that the Jewish people have survived so long and have been able to create a state.

-Mr. Horwitz's presentation was really inspirational and truly showed the perseverance that Israel has shown in the past and continues to show today in order to protect its country. I understand that the overarching idea behind it was to discuss the idea of miracles and things that are out of our realm of explanation. However, what really struck me was the confidence and bravery shown by Israeli soldiers. They knew they were volunteering for a suicide mission, but they knew it was for something greater than themselves. They had no idea that so many things would go wrong within the mission itself, or that so many things would also simultaneously occur in their favor. It may be impossible to explain how their planes made it back without crash-landing. But what is most admirable is that they went facing the unknown, but they went in order to protect the Jewish nation.

-Shlomo's presentation was very interesting and a great example of how G-d is always a part of our lives, even though most times we don't realize it except when we hear about miracles.

-The way Shlomo Horwitz spoke was intriguing. I have never heard someone give a lecture in that way. It definitely caught my attention the way went into character and for each story that he told.

-From Shlomo Horwitz's presentation, I took away the message that it is important to be thankful for G-d's gifts. Although some humans are more talented than others, He is responsible for giving people talent.

-I took away that although G-d can't be seen directly, his hand can be seen everywhere. The stories he told showed how G-d really does perform miracles, and how these affected the Jewish people. If someone was skeptical of the existence of a higher being, his speech would definitely help to point them in the right direction. He also showed the importance of being Jewish, and how much we have endured. After his presentation I went on wikipedia and looked up another view of what happened with the nuclear reactor. I was skeptical because the story sounded too good to be true, but it turns out that everything he said was completely accurate. This surprised me that G-d really did make what seemed to be a visible helping hand to the Jews.

-Prior to last night I had never heard the Osirak story. It was truly amazing to hear all of the things that happened that allowed the Israeli's to bomb the reactor. His presentation reminded me of situations in my own life that miracles occurred.

-By taking on the characters themselves, Shlomo showed us the dramatic nature of the events. The names and faces became humanized, rather than just facts to read in a book or newspaper article.

-While many of the stories in the Torah are about miracle that have happened with the Jewish people, I have heard few modern stories that I thought were miracles. Mr. Horwitz's presentation opened my eyes to the existence of an incredible modern miracle. It made me think that perhaps miracles can still exist outside of the Torah. Listening to Mr. Horwitz's presentation definitely increased my belief in miracles.

-I had never heard the story about the Israeli air force, and I found it both very moving and very interesting. Not only is it a story of pride for our nation, but it also made me remember, especially at this time of a very busy school schedule, that working towards a goal and seeking G-d’s help simultaneously will encourage good things to be bestowed upon me. I always used to feel almost a little guilty for praying to G-d before I started taking a test or for something else little in my life when there were plenty of other greater things going on around the world for other Jews. However, after hearing Shlomo’s presentation, it made me realize that this is just what the Jewish people are supposed to be doing. We are supposed to be having these daily conversations with G-d. It comforted me to know that I have been doing a one of my duties as a Jew without even realizing it.

-Shlomo explained that it is necessary to always appreciate God in all of the miracles he creates in our daily lives. It is important to realize that we do well because he makes that possible. These miracles that happen are not just by chance, but because we were helped by a higher power.

-I thought that this was a good way to learn about prayer and believing in God. It is a hard topic to discuss, especially with a group of students who are at the age where they question everything, so I think talking about it in this way where we do not actually realize it is good. I thought he know a lot of information and was believable and I really liked his presentation.

-I found the guest presentation to be intriguing and thought provoking. I started to think deeper about G-d’s effect on human beings because of. How much does G-d impact the events of a person’s life, and how much of it is dependent on human action and effort? I realized that I typically attempt to connect with G-d when something is awry in my life and I need help. As a result, I am going to try to pray to G-d more frequently, like on a daily basis. That way, I can truly connect with G-d because I want to, not out of selfishness but to search for spirituality. Stories like that of Shlomo Horwitz’s performance with the fighter planes give me a little more faith in G-d each time I hear them; they make me more secure and faithful towards Judaism, particularly that G-d truly is behind each miracle.

-A greater power controls what goes on and we must respect that although we as humans work hard to accomplish things, that greater power has ultimate control. Also, he mentioned something about how important it is to pray to G-d even if it is not formal, because it shows that we are recognizing that he is there and is always looking out for us.

-This story reminds me of the Chanukah miracle of the sparse oil burning for an entire 8 days. In my opinion, these are all great miracles, but there are also many, many tremendous smaller miracles that occur on a daily basis that we should be thankful for as well.

-Shlomo's role playing was extremely captivating. He explained to us that first, we can't depend on miracles. We have to do what we have to do. "Put your best horse in the race, then G-d decides who wins." The Israeli fighter pilot story could not have illuminated this theory in a more perfect way. All eight of the Israeli pilots went into the mission thinking it was a suicide mission. They were the best pilots Israel had. It was God, however, who decided that not one pilot would die. They would all live, unscathed at that! Shlomo’s message in a general sense was to try your best, and G-d will decide the outcome. I truly believe in the ideology that everything happens for a reason. If I’m ever down about something that I did, whether it was perform poorly in a swim meet or on a test, my mom always asks ‘well, did you try your best?’ Honestly, that is all we can do. If I give it my best every time and sometimes my results don’t pan out the way I’d hope, I’ve don’t everything that’s in my control. Some things are just left up to G-d to decide.

(end of feedback from Maimonides/Meor College Park students)

Seminary Students: 

"As a student of many Jewish classes, I've heard a lot about how God creates miracles on a daily basis,
but never has this been so evident than through Shlomo Horwitz's presentation about how Israeli forces destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor. As he spoke from the point of view of the different characters involved, it felt as if the event was unfolding right in front of our very eyes. His presentation really spoke to those of us who are visual learners (especially the little model airplanes he used).
As he went on with the story, God's hand in it all became clearly evident. Even though all of us in the room believed in God's goodness, hearing this story with all the factual details, made us believe with a real basis, rather than believing blindly. Rarely does an event occur in which God's intervention for the benefit of his people is so adamantly clear. Mr. Horwitz explained this to us along with the concepts of bitachon and hishtadlus, showing us how we still do need to make an effort, but ultimately it is all in God's hands. And, more importantly, he taught us, through this incredible event, that God will intervene on our behalf when we put in our effort, even if it is on a smaller scale than the miracle of how the 8 planes survived despite their fatal odds. Most of the time, it can look like the outcome was of our own work, however it is always God who provides the materials for us to accomplish anything."

Leah Gottfried, Michlelet Esther, Jerusalem, Israel


High School Students:

"Crossroads is a program that enables Jewish teenagers to explore their Judaism while building up stronger faith. Rabbi Horwitz starts each program by finding an interesting secular topic and connecting it to Judaism and having us discuss it. I personally have found deeper faith in Judaism because of this program.“

C. L. - student - Pikesville High School, Baltimore, MD

"I just wanted to thank you so much, personally, for speaking at our school earlier this week, I greatly appreciate it. I think that our student body really needed that presentation and it was a big eye opener.  I think we are very "sheltered" in terms of our school and many students just don't see the bigger picture.... Your presentation taught me a lot and I will now be a lot more careful and cautious while searching the web. Thank you so much again for taking the time to come to our school."

N. G. - student - Northwest Yeshiva High School, Seattle, WA (MySpace and the Curse of Doom presentation)


"You did a fantastic job!!!!...the way that you tell the stories makes everyone want to listen."
M. H. - student - Boston, MA

"I really enjoyed your program! My favorite part was probably when you put yourself into the character of a teenager faced with problems that teens go through everyday. It really let us teens connect to you more, because it seemed like you understood what we as a group go through. I also enjoyed the way you presented the problem of missionaries for Jews for Jesus...I definitely feel more prepared to face the challenges ahead! Thank you for an excellent program!

S. J. - student - Boston, MA

"Your program was amazing and I learned so much. You taught me how to look at any situation completely and how it figure it out. You asked some incredible questions! I loved how you included the audience in everything that you did it made it that much more fun and exciting. Thank you so much for teaching me!"

P. H. - student - Boston, MA

"You are an amazing speaker!!!! I enjoyed hearing you speak and you had such interesting topics and stories to tell. Usually when I hear people speak, I tend to get distracted and antsy. Your speeches were different. I sat there and listened the entire time and absolutely loved the way you spoke. Thank you sooo much for coming to our Winter Regional and putting the time and effort into making our weekend so much better. THANK YOU."

D. R. - student - Connecticut

"I just want to say thank you for an awesome eye-opening presentation. I really enjoyed the part about the Jews for Jesus missionaries and the fallacies they tell and how they manipulate text in order to serve their own agenda."

J. N. - student - Worcester, MA

"Crossroads, engineered by Shlomo Horwitz is a unique program for high school youth that is truly a necessity for every Jewish community. It gives us an opportunity to learn outside of school, often about topics that are not discussed in school. Many of the topics are things we are interested in and specifically asked to learn more about. The topics range from unfamiliar stories in Tanach or the Gemara to Moshiach and the authenticity of our Torah. I was first persuaded to attend a Crossroads by the hard-to-miss, neon pink sign and the cool topic ("If Moshiach comes, can I quit school?") and I haven't missed one ever since. I find the hour that I'm at Crossroads to be one of the most productive and enjoyable hours of my entire Shabbos. The time really flies by and I'm left wanting to learn and talk more about whatever it is we were discussing.

A.R. - student - Bais Yaakov, Baltimore, MD


"To me, Crossroads is an honest look at the tougher issues in Judaism, and a chance to view these issues from all angles (for example, not just hiding behind the standard answers to problematic questions that our Rebbes gave us in elementary school.) I have enjoyed both the topics themselves and the way in which they have been presented, in a creative and fully interactive style. I am looking forward to next year's crop of Crossroads as an opportunity to delve deeper into each issue and to understand a little better the Judaism we live each day."

J.W. - student - Beth Tfiloh, Baltimore, MD

"l am letting you know how interesting I truly thought your program was - it really made me think about the ways that some people will trick others into believing in false beliefs (anti-missionary program). I really enjoyed hearing the situations that you brought up concerning Judaism and topics relating to Jewish customs and beliefs...it was a plesure to be there.

D. F. - student - Boston, MA


"Thank you very much for coming to NYHS to present on the "Curse of Doom"... each consecutive group raved about how amazing the presentation was... I thought it was amazing the way you presented the issue by introducing us to "Mike" and bringing us back to the time of Chi'el... you - and I don't know how - were able to do an amazing job. I was riveted from the beginning, and, as soon as I came home, discussed the issue with my parents and siblings. I would, unquestionably, participate in any future Jewish Crossroads programs I could. Once again, thank you for the insights you shared and for bringing the topic up in the first place."

L.R. - student - Northwest Yeshiva High School, Seattle, WA (MySpace and the Curse of Doom presentation)

"Thank you so much for coming to SKA to do your presentation. I think it is very important for us to hear the Arab side of things so that we can learn how to adequately combat that sort of propaganda. I believe that your presentation is excellent and very well done. Thank you so much for caring about Israel enough to do this presentation."

 M. W. - student - SKA/HALB, Five Towns, NY

"I really found your presentation at the Yeshiva Atlanta Shabbaton enlightening...I really think that the way you had the audience interact with your characters was extremely smart.  Most speakers just go on, occasionally taking a question.  They rarely ask a listener to think at that specific moment, right during the presentation.  I guess they just hope the people will think about it afterwards, because they go from subject to subject so quickly.  You really made a point about how people can be so different on the inside than they appear to be...That's something I've been thinking about recently, and then I remembered how my teacher gave us your e-mail, so I decided to type something up to you."

D.R. - student - Yeshiva Atlanta, Atlanta, GA


“I have to tell you that I really enjoyed Crossroads this year, and that I'm looking forward to next year. Crossroads has been a wonderful program for me because it gave me a different and new type of discussion, as opposed to those that I am generally exposed to in the classroom, on topics that really interested me, and that I probably would not have had much of a chance to hear about otherwise. I had some questions on the topic of Bechira (Free Will) to which I had never received satisfying answers before Crossroads, and I am really grateful to Shlomo Horwitz for taking the time to research my questions and then present the answers in a class that really made things clear and left an impression on me.“

C. B. - Bais Yaakov, Baltimore

"Raid on the Sun was amazing!  I definitely enjoyed the style of performing vs. lecturing, it gave the whole story a more realistic side.  You were one of my favourite speakers of the weekend!"

J.S. - student - Ottowa, Canada


"What you said about intimacy really meant a lot to me."

J. G. - student - HTC High School, Chicago, IL

"...an excellent performance, entertaining, educational,
and all-around excellent."

A. M. - student - Boston, MA

“Crossroads is different than any other shiur (lecture) I've gone to. In most Shiurim, I sit down and fidget while the lecturer lectures. Even if the speaker permits questions, very few listeners ask them, because the speaker is too intimidating, or the questions asked are viewed as insignificant or unintelligent. Crossroads is the exception. Finally, I find myself interested, asking questions and actually learning. The class is not a lecture, it's a discussion. This way, we, as the audience, don't feel embarrassed to ask questions. The speaker incorporates each question into the discussion making the participants feel that the speaker is talking with them, rather than to them. The sincerity of the speaker is obvious and each topic is thoroughly researched so that I always feel like I gained something.“

B. M. - student - Bais Yaakov, Baltimore


"I really enjoyed and was moved by your presentations... the messages which you brought across are going to be very useful for me in university.

M.C. - student - CHAT High School, Toronto, Canada


“It was a really interesting way to present something that we are ordinarily not educated about. It had a great impact on everyone, and I definitely learned a lot.“

P. K. - student - Long Island, NY


“In my opinion, Crossroads is an excellent program. It is something I personally look forward to when I come home from Yeshiva for Shabbos. You get to cover a topic that deals with Judaism and is also very interesting. Your opinion always seems to be right in a way, which is not always so in school. It deals with something serious and still it's delivered in a comfortable, laid-back way. I have recommended friends to come and I still will.“

D. Z. - student - Ner Israel High School, Baltimore


“Crossroads, led by Shlomo Horwitz, gives high school girls a chance to really make something of their Shabbos. When normally one would just hang out, we now have an opportunity to learn about things that always bothered us and really get answers. It is done in a discussion form which makes it extremely interesting and makes the ambiance very relaxing and encouraging. Topics range from Masada to Moshiach to a Jewish Wedding and what they all mean. I feel very privileged to have someone so dedicated to Crossroads, and I think that one feels the dedication when she goes to the shiur. I just want to thank you for a wonderful year of shiurim. I gained so much.“

S. Q. - student - Bais Yaakov, Baltimore


"Thank you sooooo much!!! You did a really great job and taught me a lot I things I didn't know before."

J. M. - student - SKA/HALB, Five Towns, NY


"I think the presentation you put on for us was unbelievable."

N.F. - student - MJ Berman Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD


"I really enjoyed your presentation about miracles and the nuclear reactor. It was fun to watch because of the visuals and the way you changed characters - MUCH more interesting then listening to a speech, even if the speech is on your favorite topic. I'm glad you presented than way, please keep it up."

J.G. - student - Toronto, Canada


"I really enjoyed your program...it was a very interesting and creative way of doing a presentation. I enjoyed that it was something different, and new and not just another lecture where the speaker just stands at the podium and speaks. Hoping I have the privilege of hearing another presentation!"

E.C. - student - Ottowa, Canada


I thought the programs were interesting and I enjoyed your method of using different characters  - it made it more personal.
R.M. - student - Toronto, Canada


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Feedback about the following programs:


Scholar-in-Residence/Adult Ed:

College and Adult Outreach

Yeshiva Gedolah/Seminary:

High School/Middle School Students:

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"Shlomo Horwitz recently gave two presentations at Neve Yerushalayim to two different groups.  The response of the students was very positive. They talked about being inspired, about understanding more deeply about how G-d looks after the Jewish people, about prayer as a form of hishtadlus, about how G-d makes clear to man that He is running the show, and more. They learned these things gripped by the story, and through the story-line, sitting on the edge of their seats. Shlomo's way of narrating – in the first person as if he were the actor in the story – is unique. He is energetic, articulate and clever making the whole thing a fun  way of learning profound truths. I cannot think of an audience – from teenagers on, and from the unaffiliated to the fully committed – for whom Shlomo would not be suitable."

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein, Educational Director, Neve Yerushalayim, Israel

"Shlomo's program was phenomenal. His presentations were filled with humor, information, inspiration, and were captivating. He spoke 4 major times and shalosh seudos. Every one was meaningful, well prepared, fascinating, and the response from my people of all backgrounds is off the charts. His presentation on the nuclear reactor was breathtaking. People felt like they were actually seeing a Chanuka miracle.

Rabbi Ilan Feldman, Senior Rabbi, Beth Jacob Congregation

"Shlomo's presentation was meticulously researched, dramatically delivered, and was a very fresh medium for an inspiring and Torahdik message. Rabbi Horwitz is a master educator and gifted artist. His resonant voice and polished performance captivated the 300 or so people of diverse backgrounds. I would be delighted to bring Shlomo back again soon - be it for a special performance, a Shabbaton, or another venue - and for nearly any background on the Jewish spectrum. He was also extremely easy to work with".

Rabbi Menachem Winter, Dean, Greater Washington Community Kollel

"Shlomo Horwitz recently gave two presentations at Neve Yerushalayim to two different groups.  The response of the students was very positive. They talked about being inspired, about understanding more deeply about how G-d looks after the Jewish people, about prayer as a form of hishtadlus, about how G-d makes clear to man that He is running the show, and more. They learned these things gripped by the story, and through the story-line, sitting on the edge of their seats. Shlomo's way of narrating – in the first person as if he were the actor in the story – is unique. He is energetic, articulate and clever making the whole thing a fun way of learning profound truths.
I cannot think of an audience – from the unaffiliated to the fully committed – for whom Shlomo would not be suitable."

Rabbi Avraham Edelstein,
Educational Director, Neve Yerushalayim, Jerusalem


"I just heard Rav Shlomo Horwitz do a very clever and engaging talk on the israeli attack on the Iraqi atomic facility. It's hard to explain, because it's more of a show than a simple talk. He tells the story from the vantage of different people in the story. It's intriguing. Plus, he puts in a Torah message - you can't do better than that! Very entertaining and meaningful and I would recommend it for any outreach event."

Rabbi Stephen Baars, Executive Director, Aish Seminars

"Rabbi Horwitz was the guest speaker at Maalot Baltimore's Chanukah Event.  I was looking for something a "little different" and creative.  Rabbi Horwitz's presentation was exactly what I wanted.  He had my students mesmerized.  His story was fascinating and his presentation was truly professional."

Mrs. Ettie Rosenbaum, Director,  Maalot of Baltimore, MD 

"Several weeks ago, our shul had the unique experience of having Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz with us over Shabbos.  Many of us had heard about his educational, dramatic presentations but we had not yet seen them firsthand. On Friday night, Rabbi Horwitz did a program for adults on the Israeli attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor.  On Shabbos morning he did a program for teens on faith and belief. Every person who I spoke with thoroughly enjoyed the program and I feel the same way myself. It was educational, exciting, riveting, and full of lessons in Torah, Judaism, and faith in G-d - all delivered in a clear, innovative, original style.  Our congregation was already calling for Rabbi Horwitz's return even before Shabbos was over. The programs were nothing short of outstanding. I think any shul or Jewish organization would gain depth of knowledge and insight by hosting Rabbi Horwitz.  And it's fun as well.  I am very happy that we ran the programs in our shul and would highly recommend Rabbi Horwitz and his excellent presentations for other shuls, schools, and organizations."

Rabbi Menachem Goldberger, Rabbi, Tiferes Yisrael Synagogue, Baltimore, MD 

"Shlomo Horwitz led the audience through a sophisticated analysis of an esoteric topic with a unique blend of character-play and chochmah. One of our more cerebral participants described the evening as an intellectual treat."

Rabbi Yitzchak Preis, Director, Partners in Torah, Cincinnati, OH

"Shlomo was great! His style was stimulating and engaging and drew in the entire audience, keeping them sitting at the edges of their seats until the last moments. The lessons taught were cogent, concise and meaningful. Everyone I spoke to walked away feeling enriched by the experience. Our goal is that by the end of the night people should be proud to be Jewish and inspired to learn Torah and Shlomo certainly accomplished that for us."

Rabbi Raphie Shochet, Providence Community Kollel, Providence, RI

"Shlomo Horwitz is an engaging, educational and entertaining presenter. The experience is appealing to the mind and the ears. His pleasant voice, sense of humor, informative monologues and creative role playing keeps the audience attention throughout the presentation...the loud sound of the clapperboard instantly moves you to a new perspective, a new voice, a new angle to get you to think! It is much easier to remember the details and sequences since the presentation is divided into the opposing perspectives. Shlomo's presentation was riveting to teens, octogenarians and everyone in between; and to men and women from all walks of life - yeshivaleit, ba'alei teshuva, as well as those with little Jewish back ground. You will thoroughly enjoy him."

Rabbi Dave Silverman, Dean of the Atlanta Scholars Kollel


"Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz joined our shul on Shavuos night. It is by far the hardest time to give a lecture - keeping people awake throughout the night is truly a daunting challenge. Nonetheless, Rabbi Horwitz not only kept the congregation awake, he inspired them, he entertained them, he engaged them, and they walked away thoroughly enthused and enlightened. It is rare to find a lecturer who can combine content and excitement in such an enjoyable fashion - Rabbi Horwitz is truly one of a kind."

Rabbi Yisrael Motzen Rabbi, Ner Tamid Greenspring Valley Synagogue, Baltimore, MD


"Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz captivated the audience, both young and old at our annual Yom Ha'atzma'ut program.  His depiction of the pivotal rabbinic figures during the formation of the State of Israel was exciting, informative and truly meaningful."

Rabbi Shmuel Silber, Suburban Orthodox Congregation, Baltimore, MD  


"Shlomo Horwitz's session was captivating, powerful, and incredibly informative. The NCSYers were completely blown away by his presentation."

Rabbi Steven Burg, NCSY National Director  

"The program has very profound pedagogical perspectives as well as Jewish content which is made very palatable and relevant. I commend this program to all."

Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Ph.D. Executive Vice President, Orthodox Union

"Shlomo Horwitz combines a deep knowledge and love of Judaism and Jewish History with a creative and dynamic approach towards teaching. The student is brought to the edge of his or her seat by a riveting and thought-provoking performance that is both educational and entertaining. No doubt, students of all ages will gain from Rabbi Horwitz's approach to teaching and learning."

Scott J. Goldberg, Ph.D. Director, Institute for University-School Partnership Azrieli Graduate School Yeshiva University, New York, NY

“Shlomo Horwitz is a gifted educator and storyteller...The program is creative, out-of-the-ordinary and stimulating. Shlomo has the ability to tailor his topics to a range of ages, maximizing the potential for interaction as a part of the participatory educational experience. Shlomo slips easily into the various roles of storyteller, historian, actor (in a host of “we were there formats), and rebbe as he transports students into a world beyond their usual learning milieu. The programs are the result of enormous amounts of research and are sprinkled with Shlomo's own life experiences and lessons learned from some of the greatest educators of our generation."

Lawrence M. Ziffer, Executive Vice President, Center for Jewish Education, Baltimore, MD

"It is rare to find a deeply knowledgeable Torah educator who has the creative courage to break out of the box of conventional teaching methodologies and convey Jewish insights in a fresh and exciting manner. Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz is one of this rare breed. His use of role playing and theater arts to engage his students of all ages is a wonderfully effective and engaging way to educate, inspire, and motivate. After having seen Rabbi Horwitz in action, I can whole-heartedly recommend him for almost any type of audience."

Rabbi Joel Zeff, Rosh Hayeshiva, Ohr Torah Stone Institutions-Israel

"Shlomo Horwitz is the featured lead guitarist on my Baltimore shows and has been my friend since childhood. He has founded a phenomenal organization which helps Jewish teens and adults get in touch with their Judaism. Shlomo is not just a guitarist and friend but a creative innovator who is to be lauded for this work."

Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock founder

Scholar-in-Residence / Adult Ed

Rav Ilan Feldman, Atlanta - see above

Rav Menachem Goldberger, Baltimore, MD - see above

Rav Dave Silverman, Atlanta Community Kollel - see above

Rabbi Sruly Motzen, Ner Tamid Congregation, Baltimore - see above


"Rabbi Horwitz has a knack of captivating an audience by getting "in character" - children and adults alike are entranced, and forget they are listening to a dramatization. They follow Shlomo into the world he has created, and engage with him first-hand at the level of ideas, emotions and passion. The audience walks away not with a hum-drum take-it-or-leave-it idea, but with a thought provoking experience that has now become part of who they are."

Rabbi David Fohrman, Director, Hoffberger Foundation for Torah Studies

“Rabbi Horwitz's presentations are inspiring, exciting and relevant looks at some of today's most pertinent religious issues. Through extensive research, charisma, humor and a precise sense of how serious to be, Rabbi Horwitz makes his points poignantly. Every synagogue, school and Jewish institution should not only invite him to present, but should view his presentations as a paradigm shift away from the stale towards the engaging.”

Rabbi Elly Krimsky, Program Director, NJOP

"Shlomo did a fantastic job with his presentation of Paratrooper in Jerusalem. His portrayal was well-researched and very well done. People came away educated and inspired His presentation was enjoyed by a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. We would love to have him do more of these programs in our Shul."

Rabbi Binyamin Marwick, Congregation Shomrei Emunah, Baltimore, MD


"Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz has found a creative and innovative way to address a wide array of topics of Jewish interest. His presentations "Raid on the Sun", and "Paratrooper in Jerusalem" at Woodside Synagogue Ahavas Torah brought out age old Jewish thought from a fresh and different angle. Rabbi Horwitz's lectures are unique in the respect that they appeal to a broad range of people, from children to adults, and for a beginner to Judaism to a yeshiva- educated individual. Rabbi Horwitz's lecture series is an uplifting, inspiring, and educational success."

Rabbi Moshe Walter, Rabbi, Woodside Synagogue, Silver Spring, MD

"I strongly recommend Shlomo Horwitz and his Jewish Crossroads presentation. Shlomo was the Scholar in Residence at my synagogue, Congregation Beth Jacob of Irvine, and he was mesmerizing. Speaking both from the pulpit and also at a Dinner, we were all riveted by Shlomo’s unique style of becoming the characters as we felt ourselves entering, along with him, the different time periods. Each presentation was well prepared using various sources, allowing both the learned and the beginners to enjoy and gain tremendously. My congregation is clamoring to bring him back next year and I’m very excited to do so."

Rabbi Yisroel Ciner, Beth Jacob, Irvine, CA

"Shlomo Horwitz is on to something. He presents complex yet relevant issues in a user-friendly format. Spanning the ages we are offered a spectrum of Torah-true responses in a coherent and digestible fashion. Horwitz has the authors personally address the audience. What great fun, what a great learning tool."

Rabbi Binyomin Friedman, Congregation Ariel, Dunwoody, GA

"Rabbi Horwitz presented himself beautifully. The material which he chose to teach was engaging and interesting. There was great substance and depth to Torah he presented. After speaking with people who attended different parts of the Shabbos program, I know that Rabbi Horwitz was very well received by all."

Rabbi Josh Goller, Assistant Rabbi, Young Israel of West Hempstead, NY

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful series of classes you presented at Mercaz this fall. "Jews Adrift: A Dramatic Look at Jews Who Lost Their Way" examined four groups of Jews who fell through the cracks by choice or by circumstance. Through the use of creative drama you succeeded in getting participants to both appreciate and understand the historical settings surrounding four distinct Jewish groups who were lost to Judaism. Your sessions were so creative and captivating that people returned week after week. The feedback I have received describe you as an "excellent teacher," "dynamic" and "engaging." I hope you will consider coming back next fall."

Sandy Vogel, Director, Beth Tfiloh Adult Education Program, Baltimore, MD

"Your talks to the adults over Shabbos were very attention grabbing, created much dialogue (even late at night), and brought forth many positive comments. Your sources were Torah-true ones and gave us insights into some difficult and perplexing subjects. It is obvious that you put much effort and thought into preparing your presentations."

Rabbi Yaakov Meyer, Aish Ahavas Yisroel, Denver, CO

"Shlomo, I really enjoyed your programs at Woodside Synagogue last weekend. You were engaging, informative and unabashedly represented the concept that Hashem runs the world. The idea that miracles have occurred in Eretz Yisrael in recent wars is inspirational to young and old alike. May Hashem bless you with continued success."

Rabbi Zvi Holland, Rosh Kollel Emeritus, Phoenix Community Kollel, Phoenix, AZ

"Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz can truly captivate an audience. His style of delivery at the Shabbos morning Drasha kept the crowd waiting for more as Shabbos went on. Rabbi Horwitz literally makes history come alive in an entertaining and fascinating manner. Our shul gained so much from a shabbos with Rabbi Horwitz."

Rabbi Chaim Axelrod, Assistant Rabbi, Young Israel of Long Beach, NY

“Thank you for honoring us with your very thorough and most fascinating lectures on the Lost Tribes and "Who were Chazal?. Both the topics and interactive presentation were greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all."

Mrs. Rivka Segal, Director, Women's Institute of Torah, Baltimore, MD

"I had the privilege of seeing Rabbi Horwitz's program Raid on the Sun and was thoroughly captivated. Both the adults and children in the audience were mesmerized as they were pulled in to the fascinating "back story" regarding the Israeli bombing of the nuclear facility in Iraq. The deeper lessons regarding faith, persistence and moral responsibility were presented in the words of the Ramchal and Rabbenu Bachya in a manner that brought their insights alive using a uniquely creative teaching style that students will find compelling and easy to absorb. I highly recommend this program. "

David Pelcovitz, Ph.D. Straus Professor of Psychology and Education Azrieli Graduate School, Yeshiva University

"Dear Shlomo, I would like to thank you for spending a Shabbos with our Kehila. Your talks, which included Jihad, Hold the Burgers and Pressure Cooker, were very well received. The talk you gave to the young couples on the topic of peer pressure was a most interesting topic which had much relevance to the parents. People were very engaged, and there was lots of good discussion.
It was definitely a plus that you started the evening with a few songs on the guitar, which loosened up the crowd, and put them in a good space for the ensuing talk. We also appreciate your follow up e-mail which listed the practical steps in what parents can do to help their children. It was a very successful Shabbaton at an affordable price. Thanks again."

Rabbi Yossi Michalowicz. Westmount Shul, Thornhill, Ontario

"Our Shul greatly enjoyed learning from Shlomo Horwitz over the course of a wonderful Shabbaton. Shlomo has a unique way of educating crowds of all ages and backgrounds. l highly recommend Shlomo Horwitz for anyone who is looking for a unique educator to enrich and enlighten their community."
Rabbi Akiva Males, Kesher lsrael Congregation, Harrisburg, PA

Outreach: Adults, Collegiate and Teens

"Somehow you are able to address the needs of beginners and advanced students with the same inspiring thought. You always come up with a fresh approach that really touches the mind and heart of the listener. We love having you each year as a presenter at our High Holiday Learners' Service. Yasher Koach.

Rabbi Shlomo Porter, Director, Etz Chaim Adult Education Center, Baltimore, MD

"Shlomo was an absolute natural! His enthusiasm and genuineness were infectious; our students couldn't help but be drawn in to the theatrical world he carefully creates!!"

Rabbi Azriel Burnham, Educational Director, Maryland Jewish Experience Maimonides Program, College Park, MD


"Shlomo Horwitz, performed a one man act for us several weeks ago. His modus operandi? Presenting an interesting mix of Torah thought, current events and history while creating an emotional bond with the audience. He conveyed the Jewish yearning for the Beis HaMikdash [slipping in some teachable moments about
Hakhel, Sanhedrin, et al] as he "relived" the life of a paratrooper who captured Yerushalayim in 1967. And he successfully created the
ambiance of open emotion that we were seeking at that particular event.You could have heard a pin drop in that roomful of 100 people. Emotionally, Shlomo Horwitz held us in the palm of his hand. We were entranced, 45 years and 6,000 years away. We didn't just learn about the liberation of the Old City -- we relived it!"

Rabbi Henoch Morris, Rosh Kollel, Columbus Community Kollel, Columbus, OH 

"Shlomo's presentations have always generated an enthusiastic response. I heartily recommend Jewish Crossroads for audiences of any age that are seeking innovative ways to connect to their heritage."

Rabbi Mordechai Suchard, Founder and President, The Gateways Organization, New York

"Rabbi Horwitz successfully ran his Jewish Crossroads programs for over 120 Jewish teenagers and staff at our recent NCSY Winter Regional. We chose the topics of 'Dark Side of the Internet' and the 'The Jewish Missionary' (Holy Ghost). Rabbi Horwitz's presentations were both believable and well thought-out. His characters confronted our participants and encouraged them to take greater consideration of the issues discussed. They experienced very real and timely Jewish concepts about contemporary issues. The audience was engaged throughout the program and was encouraged to participate and interact with Rabbi Horwitz and his characters. An added bonus was that Rabbi Horwitz made himself available to address questions and lead discussions throughout Shabbat."

Rabbi Shmuel Miller, Regional Director, New England Region of NCSY

"Thank you Shlomo for your recent trip to the UK and for your presentation for seed on the Arab/Israel conflict.  It was very well received. You challenged our audience to think outside of the box and highlighted the need for a sophisticated response to the issue.  All of this within an entertaining and engaging framework. Thank you and come again!"

Rabbi Malcolm Herman, Programmes Director, Seed UK, London, England

"Shlomo Horwitz did a program for our organisation recently. His presentation combines charm, wit and Jewish wisdom in a novel and accessible format, as he assumes the guise of different personalities (or in our case, in a presentation called "Touched by an Angel", different angels, an 18th century rabbi, and even an infamous talmudic sage-turned-heretic). Shlomo's innovative educational approach both engages and edifies. Invite him once, and you'll want him back."

Rabbi Rashi Simon, Director, Kesher Kehila, London, England

"Thanks again for the riveting presentations that you made over the weekend in Toronto. I was amazed by your ability to present to the younger children in the morning, the teenagers in the afternoon, and the adults at night. The feedback was unbelievable, and the message was definitely heard. You have a tremendous talent for teaching Torah in a manner that is fun and engaging. I highly recommend your presentations for all ages. Thank you again for raising the bar."

Rabbi Leib Irons, Regional Director of NCSY Canada

"I want to thank you for your excellent presentation to the Hebrew Culture Club of Long Island teenagers at the end of their Washington trip...many of the attendees had never been to a shabbaton and their knowledge of Judaism for some was minimal. Others are veteran NCSYers who think they know it all. Both groups of teens agreed this was one of the best parts of the trip, even though you had the challenge of being the third speaker of the day. Your creative presentation about missionary work was captivating and you held their attention throughout all 3 identities you took for the speech. In our evaluations after the trip you received the highest score from most of the participants and all of us look forward to having you join us again at a future event. Thanks again and continued hatzlacha in all your wonderful work."

Rabbi Jon Green, Regional Director, Long Island NCSY

“You really connect with the children in an amazing way. They walk away from your talks feeling more challenged intellectually and at the same time more spiritually, and connected to their Jewish roots. You have keen insights into various Jewish topics and your honesty and integrity come forth front and center when you speak.

Rabbi David Finkelstein, Director, Shoresh Youth Organization, Frederick, MD

"Your inspirational words strongly impacted on the students and helped create an incredible connection to Judaism that they will carry with them throughout their lives. Your presence at the Shabbaton was invaluable to us all."

Rabbi Glenn Black, CEO, NCSY Canada

"Thank you so much for bringing your "show" to our Shabbaton. To quote the kids, "That guy was awesome"! "Tell you the truth the guy when he was doing Jihad made me really mad'! " The nerve of those guys"! Obviously your point hit home. It didn't feel at all like a speech and I know that because during your Jihad presentation there was palpable anger in the audience. Some of the kids almost had to be restrained! I also liked that it brought the kids to not just catcall but to articulate some well thought out responses. The whole thing felt very real and far from the category of "another good speech". We all know they hear plenty of speeches on a Shabbaton, but what they really need is for our points to hit home which you obviously accomplished. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see you at the next one!

Rabbi Yitzchok Dinovitzer, Associate Regional Director, Atlantic Seaboard Region of NCSY

Yeshiva Gedola/Seminary

"Shlomo Horwitz delivered a one man show on the "Raid on the Sun," the story
of Israel's raid on the nuclear reactor in Iraq. He filled every moment with incredible content and excitement. Presenting a true masterpiece, Shlomo
Horwitz intelligently wove the drama and finest details into an attention
grabbing thriller. The climax for me, however, was the real life encounter
with G-d's undeniable involvement throughout the actual event. Shlomo
Horwitz makes a strong case for belief in G-d and leaves a huge impact on
all members of his audience, from the believers-from-birth to the skeptics.
A must hear presentation."

Rabbi Benjamin Kwalwasser, Co-Founder and Mashgiach, Yeshivat Lev HaTorah, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel


I experienced Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz's educational performance and I was extremely surprised and impressed. As Program Director of a Yeshiva in Israel, this was probably the most important and meaningful experience that my students had during this year "outside" of the Beit Midrash, although Rabbi Horwitz's program helped my students come closer to Hashem and to the Beit Midrash. I thought my students would be skeptical and sarcastic, but instead they were mesmerized. Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz is a great presenter and very charismatic. I highly recommend taking him for your program/school or Yeshiva.

Naftali Abramson, Director of Student Programs, Yeshivat Sha’arei Mevaseret, Mevaseret Tzion, Israel

"Dear Shlomo, on behalf of the students of Michlelet Esther I want to thank you for your informative and creative program. The students came away from the program with new information from a historical perspective. More importantly, the program provided them with a practical lesson in a number of important hashkafa foundations. The program created a very positive buzz in the student lounge and many students were interested in studying the source material. Yasher koach and we look forward to your next trip to Israel."

Rav Ari Winter, Michlelet Esther, Jerusalem, Israel

"Thank you so much for the excellent presentation you gave last night which was so well received by the interesting mix of teachers who attended your session.  You presented with a clear love of your subject matter and a passion for the need to present this with feeling and understanding in order that the students develop a strong sense of who the people in Tanach really were and that they were indeed real people experiencing real events. You managed to blend authenticity with a contemporary mode without losing any sense of propriety or deference - a rare combination indeed."

Mrs. Judith Nemeth, Dean, MST College, London, England 

“Shlomo Horwitz's presentation on the Attack on Osirak (Raid on the Sun) was informative, engaging and inspiring.  We all sat at the edge of our seats listening to Shlomo's unique dramatic way of telling the story. Our students were engaged from the first moment till the last and were filled with thoughts, ideas, and practical inspiration to Emunah and Tefilla. Many of the guys wrote down this presentation as one of the year's top 5 seminars!!!”

Rabbi Mordechai Kaplan, Director of Student Activities, Yeshivat Lev Hatorah, Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel


High School / Middle School 

"R' Shlomo...thank you for your outstanding presentation about Israel's destruction of the Iraq nuclear reactor in 1981. One could easily hear the proverbial pin drop from beginning to end, as you had us all sitting on the edge of our seats, following your every word and gesture. The presentation was at one time dramatic, suspenseful and extremely inspiring."

Rabbi Yechezkel Zweig, Principal, Bais Yaakov High School of Baltimore, MD

"I am writing to thank you for the amazing job you did speaking to our talmidim. Your shiurim were insightful and inspiring, and you were able to reach a broad range of talmidim very effectively. What really struck me was how well you kept our boys engaged and held their attention. This was clear because they not only answered your questions, but asked so many themselves. i was really impressed by the quality of your work."

Rabbi Dovid Katzenstein, Menahel, Yeshiva of Greater Washington, Silver Spring, MD

"Thank you so much for your program. Our grade 8 students were captivated by your riveting presentation. You provided our students with important tools and strategies so they can make good decisions using the Jewish values we hold so dear. Your ability to engage our students and keep their attention, speaks volumes as to the value our students attributed to your program. I would highly recommend your program to any school wanting to positively impact their students. My only regret is that we did not budget more time."

Mr. Mordechai Cohen, Principal of Jewish Studies, Danilack Middle School at the Hurwich Education Centre, Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto, ON

"Thank you for coming for Shabbos and inspiring our teenagers.  The feedback has been outstanding and I know that the kids all got a lot out of your visit.

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, Senior Rabbi, Boca Raton Synagogue, Boca Raton, FL 

"The kids learned a lot in an enjoyable, original, and  refreshing format about challenging topics in an engaging way...You have adapted the approaches of Psychodrama by Jacob Moreno and Bibliodrama by Peter Pitzele and taken it to the next level for kids to appreciate while using great stories and research."

 Rabbi Elisha Paul, Headmaster, Yeshiva Atlanta, Atlanta, GA 

"Thank You so much for coming to our school yesterday. I felt that the Rabbi Akiva presentation really brought home to the kids that Rabbi Akiva was someone truly special and that people can truly change and become remarkable. The fact that our kids were so well behaved was truly a testament to how entertained they were. Our eighth grade were privileged to hear Raid on the Sun an interactive presentation on the amazing involvement of Hashem in the destruction of Iraq's nuclear site. You really brought home the message of how we can relate to Hashem and see Hashem in a way that was uplifting and inspirational for teachers and students. We were able to successfully launch our initiative of a G-d Blog by utilizing the positive energy that we felt after you "miraculously" described the wonders of events in the world being guided by the hand of Hashem."

Rabbi Moshe Shields, Dean of Middle School, Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy, Rockville, MD

"What an amazing experience our students had with your one-man show. You had them mesmerized for the whole time. You brought out a part of Jewish history which tends to not get emphasized. It gave them a lot to think about. What a great way to make connections to what they learn. Thank you Shlomo for making our Shabbos that much more special."

Rabbi Richard Kirsch, Kushner Yeshiva High School, Livingston, NJ

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again. It was a truly incredible program - Tizku l'mitzvot and may you continue to have tremendous hatzlacha with your creative and innovative chinuch techniques."

Rabbi Aryeh Young, Gross Hebrew Academy, Miami Beach, FL

 “I was privileged to hear Shlomo Horwitz's presentation on Animal Rights ('Hold the Burgers') at a recent educational seminar. As a professional educator for many of years, I am well aware of the challenge in conveying sophisticated concepts, particularly to a teenage audience. Shlomo's unique role-playing style, along with his comfortable, warm rapport with the teens, allowed him to keep the attention of a room-full of youngsters for over an hour. More than an entertainer, he was able to challenge them to think, participate, argue, and enjoy. Beyond that, he is a pleasure to deal with on a professional level. I look forward to having him join us in the future, and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone involved in education."

Rabbi Yehoshua Kohl,  Project Sinai, Afikim

"Your marvelous presentations added immeasurably to the success of our Shabbaton."

Rabbi Dr. Jerold Isenberg, Chancellor, Hebrew Theological College / Fasman High School, Chicago, IL

“Your presentation really gave our students a realistic sense of what is going on in Israel as well as the passions that drive the issues. Many students and faculty members commented to me on how informative and engaging they found the program. I am certain that high school students of varied and diverse backgrounds would benefit from hearing the program you presented to us. Your ability to connect with teenagers is uncanny and I'm glad that the field of Chinuch has you as an adjunct professor."

Rabbi Moshe Stavsky, Principal, Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, Uniondale, NY

"You spoke to excellent effect, holding the pupils' attention and winning their respect with clear, well-documented and powerful argument. I admired the way in which you ensured that the pupils' initial discomfort and defensiveness disappeared and were replaced by absorption in what you were saying and growing agreement with the message that they set a proper value upon living autonomously and with self-respect. It was an inspiring and very effective session, the result of meticulous preparation and much reflection and wisdom."

Mr. Philip Skelker, Headmaster, Immanuel College, London, England

"Shlomo’s enactment of world issues in an entertaining character format really entertains a teenage group while involving them in the discussion of world issues. It was amazing to see the lineup of students (from CHAT of Toronto) after the show just to engage in further conversation with Shlomo about current Jewish cultural issues. I’ve never seen anything like this before. This was truly an incredible experience for us all.” 

Scott Newman, Senior Event Coordinator, HWAY Tours, Toronto, Canada 

"Rabbi Horwitz captivated our students with his well-thought-out and highly structured presentation.  He enabled them to empathise and identify with historical characters, bringing torah and history to life.  His message came accross clearly and powerfully, and was understood in a vibrant and deep way.  It was a presentation that was both profound and entertaining and was immensely enjoyed by all."

Ruchama Stern, Jewish Studies Educator, Hasmonean Girls School, London, England

"Having attended many talks and lectures, it was fascinating for the boys at Hasmonean to hear something a little different and Rabbi Horwitz is exactly that. The way in which he brings to life characters from the past, Jewish, non-Jewish, religious and non religious, had our students captivated and all in a style that is more Hollywood than the Beit Hamidrash, yet the message was just as clear. Rabbi Horwitz brought together a wide range of sources but enhanced our students understanding of G-d's role in everything using examples from both the Torah and the modern day State of Israel. Above all, what makes the talk so outstanding is the passion behind Rabbi Horwitz's voice as he seeks to educate in a unique and successful way."

Aaron Djanogly, Informal Education Department, Hasmonean Boys School, London, England

"We were fortunate enough to have Jewish Crossroads open our students’ minds and hearts in a truly unique way. Even our most hard-to-reach students were responsive to both the dramatic segment as well as the follow-up segment."

Rabbi Elchanan Jay Weinbach, Head of School, RTMA JEC High School, Elizabeth, NJ  

"Thank you for your presentation today on Yom Yerushalayim. Your very real portrayal of Gadi clearly held the attention of our entire Upper School student body and gave them a real taste of the urgency and emotion of those days in June, 1967...we are certainly interested in having you come back and make other presentations here at the MJBHA."

Rabbi Avi Levitt, Principal, MJ Berman Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD

"We all know about the new worlds that the Internet can open up for our students - pornography, aggression, and opportunities to meet shady people and waste valuable time.  The Crossroads program “Curse of Doom educated our students to be more vigilant in using the Internet and emphasized the importance of safety.  The program kept our students engaged and helped create a shared language among the students and between students and teachers that is so important when discussing difficult problems.  Curse of Doom is particularly effective when coupled with a meaningful discussion in class following the program."

Rabbi Benjy Owen, Dean of Torah Studies, Northwest Yeshiva High School, Seattle, Washington

"Our students were both entertained and educated by your stimulating delivery."

Yocheved Feinerman, Student Activities Coordinator, Yeshiva University High School for Girls, Holliswood NY

"The dialogue with your character forced the girls who wished to respond to the challenge to think, formulate ideas, draw from their past knowledge, and articulate responses which were then challenged again. The girls were clearly engaged. The source material you gave out near the end was very important. The girls like to see the actual sources and the illegitimacy of the German's interpretations can only be seen in context on the actual sources." (Poison Pens program)

Mrs. Rookie Billet, Principal, Ma'ayanot High School for Girls, Teaneck, NJ

"I've worked with a lot of creative educators over the years. When it comes to engaging people in a way that captures and holds their attention, and most importantly encourages them to think and grow, Shlomo is superb."

Shimon Apisdorf, award-winning author, Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur Survival Kit

"Shlomo targeted and captured the complex intellectual and emotional dynamic of each and every Talmid. Utilizing his unique personality and professional style he combined Divrei Chazal with entertaining anecdotes as he dramatized provocative scenes from Tanach. In the process he was able to accomplish the goal of many educators. He motivated students to think, analyze, and apply the eternal word of G-d to their own contemporary world. Students and faculty still fondly recall the great lessons of truth that Shlomo presented."

Rabbi Zvi Kamenetzky, Fasman Yeshiva High School, Skokie, Illinois

"Shlomo Horwitz presents our youth with the thought provoking creativity necessary to engage young people, and to stimulate their development as thinking Jews. Rarely does the Jewish community encounter simultaneously such innovation and authenticity."

Moshe Bane, Senior Vice President, Orthodox Union

"I found Rabbi Horwitz's presentation (Curse of Doom) to be thoroughly thought-provoking, entertaining and extremely educational. The way he wove Navi with the relevant issues facing our youth today allowed both to come alive and in a very new and special light. I wholeheartedly recommend any junior high or high school interested in fostering an open dialogue with their students to avail themselves of Rabbi Horwitz's presentation."

Rabbi Avraham Stulberger, Principal and Rosh Hayeshiva, Valley Torah High School, Los Angeles, CA

"'My name is Abdul Rachman.' With this introduction, Mr. Shlomo Horwitz from Crossroads began his presentation, giving SKA students and faculty a glimpse into the mind of a Palestinian-American. Opening their eyes to the Arab mentality, he presented their arguments and viewpoints regarding Jews. With the bang of his clapboard, he reverted back to himself, and proceeded to debunk every argument 'Abdul Rachman' had given for hating Jews. Finally, he explained how we are the correct guardians over Israel, as he assumed the role of Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi...the girls were enthralled by the presentation, asking questions and getting involved. Mr. Horwitz definitely sparked the girls' interest in his creative, informative and powerful presentation."

Rabbi Jeff Rothman, Assistant Administrator,  SKA/Hebrew Academy of Long Beach, Five Towns, NY

"Shlomo Horwitz's programs at Westchester Hebrew High School were very engaging and stimulating for our students. With 'full disclosure' ensuring that no one felt duped or misled, Shlomo assumed the identity of a Jihad activist for one of his sessions. The students were
challenged to understand and clearly present their viewpoint as proud Jews who identify strongly with Israel. His second program focused on battling peer pressure. In subsequent classes, teachers were able to
build on those points and flesh them out further. It was an exciting, educational program that was enjoyed by all."

Dr. Nancy Block, Director of Student Affairs, Westchester Hebrew High School, Mamaroneck, NY

“Shlomo Horwitz has a genuine gift to teach teenagers about important issues in a way that they can relate to the issue. Everyone was extremely impressed with all of the programs that he ran over Shabbos and I highly recommend the Crossroads Program for every community.

Josh Broide, Youth Director,  Boca Raton Synagogue, Boca Raton, FL

"Thank you so much for your recent visit to Yeshivat Yavneh and for your captivating and well-presented assemblies to our students. Both the students and the teachers in attendance were mesmerized during the informative, yet entertaining talks. The feedback was most positive and I hope we can have the opportunity for you to speak at our school again."

Rabbi Moshe Dear, Headmaster, Yavneh Hebrew Academy, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you very much for your remarkable presentation to the students. It was a real treat to have you address the students, especially with your extraordinary style of production, which they enjoyed immensely.

Rabbi Howard Bald, Principal, Yeshivat Rambam Middle School/High School, Baltimore, MD

“Our students were taken with the information you presented and personal way you related with them. By developing a character called Gadi Allon, you have created a means by which to transmit the story of an era through the eyes of an individual. I am sure that any school that seeks to further their students' education in this subject area [Paratrooper in Jerusalem] would be happy to experience this presentation.

Rabbi Joshua Levy, Principal, Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia, Ardmore, PA

"I wanted to thank you for your presentation on Yom Yerushalayim. The way that you weave first-hand accounts together into one person's words created a very vivid picture for the students...Your style caught their attention and gave them a view and appreciation that an ordinary lesson would not have captured."

Rabbi Mordechai Soskil, Middle School Principal, Beth Tfiloh Community School, Baltimore, MD

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