Adult Programming:


"Outstanding. I can't imagine how much research was done to synthesize the essence of the story into the characters' monologues. Thank you for making history come alive. The presentations were so engaging!"

Fran P. - participant, Beth Tfiloh Adult Education Program, Baltimore, MD


Besides the programs you will see by clicking here, some of which lend themselves for adult audiences, we have other programs that have been tailored to adults and can be accompanied by textual sources if desired. Custom programming can be developed upon request, to fit a particular theme. A sampling of programs for adults:

Touched by an Angel - Your Complete Guide to Celestial Beings  This program delves into the nature of Malachim (angels) and uses principles gleaned from thousands of years of Torah literature to explain how the Almighty uses them in running His world. What can we learn from these beings? Don't miss the part about Angels Who Went Bad as well as Elisha ben Avuya's colossal error in misperceiving angelic behavior!

Raiders of the Lost Tribes  This program traces the Ten Tribes through their journeys in exile. Get ready for surprises about the Ten Tribes' negative attitude toward Eretz Yisrael and the raging controversy about whether we'll ever see them again. Includes an 'interview' with a member of the lost tribe of Dan who showed up uninvited in Tunisia in the year 880 to tell a wild story of cannibals and a magical river.

Who were Chazal? - Understanding the Rabbis of the Talmud whose rulings and Torah transmission inform our lives. Whence their great authority and influence? Learn about their great spiritual and mystical accomplishments as well the historical era in which they lived. Learn about the miraculous debate between Rabbi Eliezer and the Chachamim and see what lessons we extract from this powerful story. This is a 2-part series that can be condensed into one. 

Slaving Away - What's the Torah's take on slavery and the Civil War? Go back in time to the 1860's and witness the 'battle of the sermons' between rabbis in the North and South, some pro-slavery and some against it. Then look at the Torah and Codes of Jewish Law to see just what is actually said about slaves and owning them. This session has some shocking conclusions.

The Last Laugh - Rabbi Akiva: his life and lessons. Rabbi Akiva didn't start learning Torah until he was forty, and studied Aleph Bet with his young son. What made him tick? How did he rise to become the leader of his generation? Find out the truth about his infamous statement that he used to want to bite a Rabbi like a donkey and break his bones. Why did he support Bar Kochba and think he was the Messiah? Learn about his unfailing inspiration to his people amid the persecutions that would cost him his life. This is a 2-part series that can be condensed into one. 


If you are interested in bringing Crossroads to your synagogue, school or camp, feel free to contact me for more information, including video clips of actual live programming, by clicking here.